If you have plans to own your own semi-truck(s), you likely know that ownership can be challenging. This is why some individuals in the trucking industry spend the first few years of their careers driving for others rather than being self-employed. Perhaps you have driven routes that were actually owned by others and you may now be ready to explore your options. Some people make the mistake of focusing their semi-truck ownership goals on new trucks. The following points will help you understand the benefits of purchasing used trucks. 

Easy Financing

A number of new entrepreneurs face issues when it comes to getting financing for their start-up businesses. Some of them may be able to acquire business loans, but the loans may not be enough to cover everything that they need. If you are fortunate enough to qualify for a business loan, you may want to use a portion of it towards a used semi-truck.

However, you will likely find that many used truck dealers have in-house financing options that you may be able to take advantage of. This would allow you to strategically use the money from the loan to ensure your business has what it needs to successfully start. Some used semi-truck dealers have close ties with local lenders. This is beneficial when in-house loans are not offered and when there are potential stumbling blocks such as credit issues.


You may think that buying a new truck is the only way to get a truck in pristine condition. The parts and body of used semi-trucks are often reconditioned, which aids in them being in "like new" condition. This means that you can likely get a truck in great condition for a fraction of the cost you would pay for a new one. Some used trucks come with warranties. You may also get a truck that was previously leased and therefore was taken care of well by the lessee. 


Perhaps the most attractive thing about buying a used semi-truck is that you will likely be able to own your first truck sooner. If you have plans to eventually add more trucks and own a fleet, used truck purchases can aid you on that venture. Depending on your initial funds available, you may be able to start your company with more than one truck by opting to buy used trucks.

A used semi-truck retailer is a good resource to use to understand more benefits of choosing to buy used freightliner trucks. They can also discuss the services they offer in-house that make ownership a reality for individuals who might otherwise not be able to own their own semi-trucks.